Spray foam,when applied to almost any surface, immediately expands to create an airtight seal: it fills all the cracks and voids around windows, doors and plumbing penetrations. It completely eliminates air or noise infiltration, while increasing the strength and comfort of your entire building.

With the elimination of air infiltration, spray foam also helps control moisture and reduces HVAC equipment requirements and operational costs. A tight building envelope will reduce energy costs and provide better air quality inside your building. For animal housing or produce storage, spray foam is especially helpful due to its temperature control capabilities.

Foam-Tec has applied spray foam insulation to a number of barns,cabins and garages including:

  • Pole Barns, Sheds, other Metal Structures
  • Car/Boat and Work Garages
  • Hunting lodges and Cabins
  • Livestock Housing and Barns
  • Poultry Houses
  • Grain Storage and Silos
  • Food/Produce Storage, Cold Storage & Freezers
  • Liquid Storage Tanks
  • Greenhouses

Building owners are greatly benefiting from this cost effective and long lasting product. For more information about spray foam insulation, give us a call at 502.633.5499!

Barn Insulation Kentucky

Cabin Insulation Kentucky

“I highly recommend Spray-Tec. The entire process was hassle free; the work was completed on time; the price was very competitive and they cleaned up very well. The staff was helpful and professional. I cannot say enough good things about their team. I should also mention that the product is awesome.

– Jeffrey Minor (Cabin Insulation Customer)

“Spray-Tec came to my house today and did a great job. Highly recommended. Thank you so much!”

– Ricky Kobus (Garage Insulation Customer)

“I hired Foam-Tec to do an insulation job for my crawlspace and I give them 5 stars.  They are a great company and the insulation is amazing, I would highly recommend them to anyone. Foam-Tec was very professional, ethical, knowledgeable and friendly. We had an excellent experience with this company.”

– Jeff Coulter (Crawlspace Insulation Customer)

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