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Spray foam is rapidly becoming the product of choice for commercial, industrial and agricultural entities looking for ways to limit energy consumption and maximize energy savings. As energy costs continue to rise, building owners and managers must protect their pocket books by investing in proven, sustainable methods for conserving energy.

Spray foam eliminates air infiltration and actually increases the strength of your building while creating an airtight “envelope” that will fill all the cracks and voids around windows, electrical outlets and plumbing penetrations. With the elimination of air infiltration, spray foam helps reduce HVAC requirements and operational costs. A tight building envelope will reduce energy costs and provide better air quality inside your building.

For over 27 years, Foam-Tec has been applying polyurethane foam insulation and has proven to hundreds of building owners, architects and engineers that spray foam is an economical and superior method for adding insulation value to new or existing buildings.

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The applications for spray polyurethane foam are limitless. Because it is applied in liquid form and then quickly expands and hardens, it can be used to fill a variety of cavities and provide structural support. It is also very buoyant and makes an excellent flotation material for watercraft, docks, or buoys. Some of the unique applications that Spray-Tec has been contracted for include filling suitcases with foam to test conveyor systems, filling pontoon and barge cavities to aid in flotation, constructing targets for archery practice, and even creating stage props and sets.

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