Spray foam insulation is ideally suited for insulating storage tanks, pressure vessels, double walled and welded tanks.

Spray foam adheres to the surface of the tank, creating a weather-tight insulating layer between the elements and the tank. It also increases the structural integrity of the tank.

With the highest R-Value of any insulation product on the market, spray foam represents a time-tested, proven solution for maintaining even temperatures and reducing energy costs associated with the heating or cooling of your storage tank.

Foam-Tec has a wide-range of experience with tank insulation that includes:

  • Fuel tanks
  • Water-holding tanks
  • Bourbon processing tanks
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Effluent septic tanks
  • Digester covers at waste water treatment plants
  • Fish-holding tanks

Tank Insulation LouisvilleSpray Foam Large Tanks

Other Insulation Services: 

The applications for spray polyurethane foam are limitless. Because it is applied in liquid form and then quickly expands and hardens, it can be used to fill a variety of cavities and provide structural support. It is also very buoyant and makes an excellent flotation material for watercraft, docks, or buoys. Some of the unique applications that Spray-Tec has been contracted for include filling suitcases with foam to test conveyor systems, filling pontoon and barge cavities to aid in flotation, constructing targets for archery practice, and even creating stage props and sets.

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